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  • Barbeque Accessories | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Grill Meshes Ruffs Recipe Journal Meat Claws Butcher Paper Butcher BBQ Pistol Grip Injector Camp Chef Cast Iron Griddles Traeger Cast Iron Skillet Camp Chef Cast Iron Teapot Camp Chef Jerky Racks Hi Mountain

  • BBQ Vegetable Recipes | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Iron Skillet ​ Cooking Time: 30 minutes Cooking Temp: 450ºF Wood: Oak or Maple Set grill to 450˚, place cast iron skillet/dutch oven inside. Iron Skillet Cast Iron Griddle ​ Cooking Time: 30 minutes Cooking Temp: 400ºF Wood: Apple or Maple Start Take cast iron griddle and skillet, place in grill to heat up for at least 10 minutes. ) 1/2 tsp salt 1 TBSP baking powder 1 cup milk 1 egg 4 TBSP melted butter Cast iron skillet ​ Cooking

  • BBQ Vegetable Recipes | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Place cast iron skillet on grill and let heat up for 10 minutes. Place butter in skillet and throw in mushrooms. Season liberally, and give it all a quick stir. iron skillet. iron skillet Cooking Time: 30-45 minutes Cooking Temp: 300ºF Wood: Pecan Place your cast iron on grill In cast iron, fry up your bacon. Taking bacon and setting aside for crumbling later.

  • BGE Accessories | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Integgrated Nest Medium Integgrated Nest XL Integgrated Nest MiniMax Egg Nest Caster Kit Table Nests MiniMax Cast Iron Grate Medium Cast Iron Grate Large Cast Iron Grate 1 Piece Conveggtor Basket M/L/XL 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack L/XL 5 Piece Eggspander Kit L/XL Hinge Band and Handle Replacement Cast Iron Plancha Griddles Cast Iron Cooking Grids BGE Mates Acacia & Composite

  • Horizon Smokers | Golden CO | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Horizon Smokers Horizon 20" RD Special Horizon 20" Classic Icon Horizon 16" Horizon 20" Ranger Available

  • Big Green Eggs | Golden | Ruff's Barbeque Shoppe

    * Tables and Carts Big Green Egg Farmhouse-Style Custom Egg Table Big Green Egg Cooking Island Big Green

  • Green Mountain Grills | Golden CO | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Green Mountain Grills Peak Prime Ledge Prime Trek w/ Stainless Cart Trek w/ Leg Extension Trek Daniel

  • Fish Recipes | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Fish ​ - Honey Glazed Salmon - What you need: Salmon Fillets Hi Mtn Salmon Rub Honey Cooking Time: 4 Grill Trout on a non-stick grilling mesh for 10 min. basting with butter mixture 2 or 3 times Flip trout & grill for another 10 minutes basting with butter mixture 2 or 3 times ​ - Parmesan Tilapia - What Coat tilapia fillets with parmesan cheese. Smoke at 180 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. Take a lemon and squeeze juice onto your fillets. Season liberally with Finn & Flipper.

  • Beef Recipes | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Wood: Maple or Cherry Mix ground beef, bread crumbs, egg, onion, peppers, 3 oz of BBQ sauce & rubs to taste Baste with sauce Turn up the temperature to 300 until internal temp reaches 145. aside & allow cooker to come up to 400 Remove foil and place ribs meat side up for another 15 min. basting with apple juice, flip meat side down for another 15 min. basting the bone side as well

  • Poultry Recipes | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    Poultry - Killer Chicken Thighs - What you need: Chicken Thighs Olive Oil Big Green Egg Citrus & Herb Tightly roll into a log Season outside of log with rub Cook on grilling mesh at 225ºF for 3 - 4 hours Baste For the last hour, turn grill up to 350 - 375 ºF.

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