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    or Orange Slather Honey Mustard onto filets Season with rub Cook filets at 250 on non-stick grilling mesh Grill Trout on a non-stick grilling mesh for 10 min. basting with butter mixture 2 or 3 times Flip trout Season shrimp with Pineapple Head Grill at 350 on a grilling mesh until shrimp turns pink. ​ ​ ​ - Grilled Salmon - What you need: Salmon Fillets Ruff's Finn & Flipper Olive Oil Lemon juice Mesh Place your salmon onto a mesh cooking mat and place that directly onto your cooking grates.

  • Poultry Recipes | Ruff's BBQ Shoppe

    buster's BBQ Sauce ​ Wood: Sassafras Cooking Time: 3-4 hours Cooking Temp: 225ºF Place turkey on a griling mesh ham and veggies on turkey mat Tightly roll into a log Season outside of log with rub Cook on grilling mesh temp reaches 170ºF - Smoked Turkey - What you need: Turkey Olive Oil Lyssa Lou's Poultry rub Cooking mesh season bird all over (we prefer Lyssa Lu's or AZ Gregg's Chicken Rub) Place bird on a non-stick cooking mesh

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    in pan and smother with sauce for another 10 minutes ​ ​ ​ - Pig Candy - Ingredients: Bacon Grilling Mesh Cinnamon Sugar ​ Cooking Time: 30 min Cooking Temp:250ºF Wood: Maple or Cherry Place bacon on grilling mesh

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