BBQ Classes

Denver's Original BBQ Class

Ruff has been offering the Keep it Simple Barbeque class for many years now, and it has been a blast ever since the very first one! Come learn in a lecture setting about everything needed to get started making delicious 'Que off of your very own smoker or grill! Ruff uses the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Smokin, to feature all of the best tips and expertise for any new beginner, or for anyone looking to re-hone their skills and become the Pitmaster they were always meant to be! Call today to RSVP for the next class!

Keep It Simple, The Basics of Backyard BBQ
Cooking Times & Temps - Food Preparation - Sauces & Rubs
Grill & Smoker Types - Equipment & Tools - Wood Selection
Featuring All the Fan Favorites: 
Chicken - Fish - Ribs - Veggies - Pizza - Poppers - Brisket - Pulled Pork
Check back for 2022 classes!

$99/person - 2 or more 50% off!

To RSVP call 303-237-1556